Elephant in acrylic paints

I was attracted to this stunning image of an asian elephant and decided to paint it on canvas with acrylic paints. Really enjoyed painting - approximately 22 hours.


Sleepy Fox Cub

After time off over Christmas I have been able to spend some quality time making progress on my biggest project to date - and loving this fox cub!


Sleeping fox cub

This afternoon I made progress with my coloured pencil fox cub. Layering colours to build depth and texture to the cub’s fur coat. Closely referring to my reference photograph as to the direction the fur takes.


Sleeping fox cub

My new project is a sibling fox cub to my last drawing. From a photograph I took of them relaxing in the afternoon sun. From an outline sketch I then apply a light coloured pencil layer, building up detailed hair strokes in the different colours.


Fox cub completed

Well here is the little cub completed. The grass is trodden down where they exit the den in the afternoons and play and sleep. There was 5 in the litter this year, I have enjoyed secretly watching them. They are very timid and disperse if they see me. Which is a good thing.

I used a few brands of coloured pencils but I still mostly love using the Faber Castell Polychromo brand pencils because of how they perform. All the pencils I use have a high archival quality.

Really enjoyed drawing the fox cub, I have many more photos of them to draw in the future.


Fox Cub

This is my latest drawing in progress, a fox kitten in coloured pencil, from a photograph I took in May of this year. There were two of them playing in the late afternoon sun, by their den entrance. The sun caught this kitten’s fur, my camera capturing the golden warm glow of orange and yellow. I will keep you updated with my progress.